Non Destructive Examination

Personnel qualified according to ASNT SNT-TC-1A e EN/473 ISO 9712 in the following methods: VT, PT, MT, UT.

  • MT: Dry magnetoscopic test: equipment Magiscop 3000 CC/CA and Magiscop 4000 CC/CA

  • UT: Ultrasonic flaw detenction: equipment USM GO Advanced

  • VT: Visual Test: SCRATA comparators and MSS-SP-55 standard

  • PT: 2 cabins for dye penetrant examination

  • RT: Radiographic examination: carried out externally by qualified sub supplier; films are reviewed and evaluated internally

  • Dimensional Control: Krautkramer DN1

    • Jig measuring machine CP 1411 (x∙400 mm y∙1100 mm z∙1400 mm)
  • Metallographic examination