Power of steel, art of casting.

Faces SpA (standing for Fonderia Acciai Comuni E Speciali = Common and Special Steel Foundry) was founded in 1977 by a group of business men.
Since the early 90’s, Faces has been specializing in the production of stainless steel and nickel-base alloys, aiming at the continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. For this, wide-range investments have been allocated for enlargements and facilities optimization, state-of-the-art plants and ongoing training of personnel.
Today, we are casting more than 1.500 tons per year of net weight, ranging from 100kg to 7000kg per piece.
Since 2007 Faces SpA has combined the 30 years experience with the MAGMA® casting simulation software, in order to optimize, speed up and improve the engineering of casting systems. The foundry works with a 5.000-7500kg AOD converter which has enabled to reach very high quality levels, mainly with the materials Duplex, Superduplex and Nickel-base alloys. For quality heat treatments, it works with two new ovens equipped with automatic forklift device complying with the severe Norsok standards.

On 18th June 2018 Faces S.p.A. Board of Directors, convening an extraordinary general meeting, deliberated a capital increase of 2.250.000 Euros. The execution statement of social capital increase was deposited and registered in the Commercial Register of Venice and Rovigo Delta-Lagunare on 22th June 2018.